Saturday, 1 July 2017

Change of Subject

The fact that Art Expo Malaysia is very focus on commercial is unsurprising, no wonder the exhibition can survive until today since 2007. I am also bored of this, can't Malaysia has an long run art exhibition for art community's growth? For example, annual Malaysia Popular Book Fair as a spot which many high quality Mandarin literature conferences were organised.

I tried researched on fine art commerce, however it is too hard because I've never in touch with fine art marketing, yet Art Expo Malaysia is very much emphasise on selling the art pieces. I decided to change my subject to Negaraku Exhibition that is now showcasing at National Visual Arts Gallery until 30 September 2017. Reasons why I changed my topic:

  1. I can still visit to the exhibition for research if I am not sure of anything. Although I have pictures of last year's Art Expo Malaysia Plus, but I hardly recall the total ambiance of the exhibition.
  2. Compared to Negaraku, I found art works in Art Expo are more random and it is hard to set a subject if I want to discuss about artworks.
  3. I found more historical meaning in the Negaraku exhibition to research about, compared to the commercial-driven Art Expo.

Although I came to this decision in last-minute, but it is necessary for me to change the subject because when came to know more about Art Expo, I know that it is not for me, because I was just wanted to analyse artworks, research more about Malaysia art field and a little of history, but not about how to sell art. Some of the research that I've done is still usable even though my target subject has changed.


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