Monday, 19 December 2016



Week 3, Week 4
Exploring reading materials, no entry.

Week 5
Understanding and analysing essay questions, provoked question of chosen topic:
How does terrorist group attract people to recruit them?

Week 6
Basic knowledge on terrorism

Week 7
Terrorism and Journalism
ISIS and social media

Week 8
Answer on how is terrorists' ideology incorporated to recruiter's thinking.

The more the research done, the more the questions appear

"Controversy revealed online" is terrorist uses media to influence people's mind, while the "creative professionals" are press media and message creator on social media. I have done the basic understanding of their background and relationship.

If I link the researched information to essay question understanding in first entry, they are all connected:

How does art help to resolve real world issues such as terrorism?

- What makes terrorists' message so scary? Death.
Why does human fear death?

- Just like Nelson Mandela was sentenced to prison, can a nation law (such as Sedition Act) that is designed for terrorist identity freedom fighters as terrorist, as they are against and harm the government just like terrorism?

- What is ISIS' campaign plan? How does it relate to sociology theories?
If I relate it to Internet Cultures lectures:

- Why is dark web so hard to access? How it works? Is it categorized as intranet? What is its role in computer network?

I would like to decode ISIS' campaign in essay.
Essay general structure:

- List out all ISIS actions to recruit people, suggest ISIS integrated campaign plan. Access their real website if possible.
- Analyse their strategy: how effective it is, why? Relate to social psychology theories.
- Media's approach to terrorism
- Suggest media/art-solutions to combat terrorism.

Consultation (20 Dec 2016)

Investigate a major controversy that unfolded online. Discuss its relevance to creative professionals.

Creative professional in this essay question is more refer to art and design field, relate and narrow down the topic to them instead of press media and social media messenger. Study a case to broaden the topic. Reconstructed essay structure.

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